MR-70D double-decker trolley

    double-decker trolley
    Technical Descrptions
    Style:Noth American classicism
    Turnig radius:≥35m
    Wright: 18970Kg
    Material Description:
    1. Dimension:9.96*3.2*4.15m
    2. Max. speed:<10km/h
    3. Max. gradient:2%
    4. Driving gradient length;up≤350M,down≤210M
    5. Direction:control both front and rear
    6. Passenger weight:5000kg
    7. Steering-8 wheel bogie on eachcoahc, optional turning
    8. Braking system:resistance dynamic barake,shoe friction brake, automatic brake for control failure
    1.Control system:USA ROCKWELL-PLCspeed control enegy consumption system,fault self-diagnosisand report.
    2.USA ROCKWELL frequency converter for vehicle
    3.Charger:automatic intelligent charger,clients shouldprovide the local voltage information.
    4.Communicator:communicatingsystem and monitoringbetween first and second floors.
    5.Lighting:ceiling LED lamp,safe lams on steps,European style ceiling lamp,headlight and width lamp.
    1.Seat:6 rows of lench seatson first floor,6 people per row.
    6 rows of bench seats onsecond floor,4 people per row with middle aisle.
    2.Seat components:alluminum alloy decoratioinwith golded coating film.
    3.Ceiling:FRP ceiling with wood decoration inside
    4.Floor:solid wood
    5.Paint:vehicle paint,primer processing and clear finish.
    6.Colour:dark green,red and metal colour for standard, specific colours upon to clients’ final choice.
    7.Material:imported bogie,electric system,steel,aliminum alloy, copper, solid wood etc.


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