MR-56S trackless train

    MR-56S       diesel trackless train

    I. Locomotive Part
    1.Imitating Antiquity, 2 Seats
    2. Dimension: 4030*1750*2360MM(excluding the Back Mirror)
    3. Total Weight: Around 2800kg
    4. Engine: SOFIM8140.43S, Four Cylinders, Fuel Oil Common Rail Electrical control unit (ECU) Diesel Motor
    a. Piston Displacement:2.799L
    b. Rated Power: 93KW/3600rpm
    c. Max. Torque: 290N.m/1800rpm
    d. Standard: European Ⅲ.
    5. Electronic Accelerator, Hydraulic Power Clutch, German BOSCH Central Unit, Germany B0SCH Relay, IVECO Connecting system with Self-locking Function. In Line With European TUV Standard.
    6. Air Compressor:Output and Transmitting Power by Power take-off, Self-Lubrication Air Compressor.
    7. Gear Box : Model 17HG33BF
    a. Type: Three-speed, Synchronous, Manual Gear Box
    b. Mechanical Gear Box with Light Touching and Soft Shaft
    8. Tire: Front 6.50-10PR Rear 7.0-12
    9. Mode of Drive: Transmitting Rear Shaft and Axle by Constant-speed joint Driving.
    10. Wheel Track:Front 1430 mm Rear 1320mm
    11. Front Hanging 800mm Rear Hanging 920mm
    12. Wheelbase: 2310mm
    13. Ground Clearance( from board): 640mm
    14. Hanging Absorption of Shock: Plate spring,Dependent Hanging Frame.
    15. Driving Brake: UNI Air-over-oil and Bi-directional Self-energizing Drum Brake. According with European TUV Standard.
    16. Parking Brake:Air Central Brake with Hand, according with European TUV Standard.
    17. Steering: Full hydraulic power steering system.
    18. Type of Towing: with Balance Function, Auto-locking Connector Protection, According with European TUV Standard.
    19. Electric Appliance:
    19.1 Model of Start Battery: N100Z/12V
    19.2 One player in the locomotive and one microphone for tour guide in the locomotive
    19.3 There are front lamp, turning lamp, brake lamp and warning lamp and so on.
    19.4 Meters:Electric Induction Fuel Gauge, water thermometer, Counter of Engine Work Time, Machine oil indicator、Turning Lamps and Generating Electricity Indicator
    20. Chassis Structure: H Girder, Whole Welding
    21、Climbing Capacity:15%(Full Load)(Three Levels of Rough Dry Road Surface)
    22、The air conditioner for cooling in the summer is optional to install in the driver cab.


    Coach Part:

    1. 5358*1850*2450MM (Excluding Draft Connection)
    2. Weight (no load): 1200kg
    3. Passenger Capacity: 4*7 28 passengers per coach, 2 coaches at most, that is 56 passengers in all.
    4. Wheel Track:Front 1560 mm Rear 1560mm
    5. Wheelbase: 3750 mm
    6. Ground Clearance( from board): 580mm
    7. Hanging Absorption of Shock: Plate spring,Dependent Hanging Frame and Air Hydraulic Shock Absorber
    8. Driving Brake: Individual UNI Air pushing Hydraulic Liquid Brake System and Automatic Brake Appliances when Emergency for Each Coach, Cylinder Capacity:16L, Individual Hand Air Brake for each coach.
    9. Steering: Adopting Advanced Four-Wheel Synchronous Steering Device, Advanced Precision Tracing System
    10. Decoration:
    a.Body: Steel Frame, Imported Gel Clothes, Glass Fiber-reinforced Plastic Body.
    b.Door:Half Completely Closed Door fixed with Imported Lock
    c.Ceiling: Steel Frame, Imported Gel Clothes, Glass Fiber-reinforced Plastic Molding Process, Surrounded by Ornament Hook
    d.Floor:Aluminum Alloy Protective Skid Floor, Guest Footboard
    e.Seat:Imported Gel Clothes, Glass Fiber-reinforced Plastic Body.
    f.Half completed Style Coach, with Lift Window on the Front and Back of Coach.
    1)Lamps and Loudspeakers
    2)Emergency Button
    12、Train Frame Structure
    Enduring sandblasting against Rusty and Static electricity spraying Treatment
    13、Train color: Painted as per buyer’s requirement.
    The following color of train is for reference and the final color combination as well as coach model is as per the buyer final confirmation.

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