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        Electric mini train is a small size model of electric trackless train which can take 40 passengers. It can take 24 kids or 18 adults, which is fit for inddor use. Kids and their families love this train because of  its cartoon design, silent running and unique feeeling.

       Nowadays, more and more people are interested in operating a indoor children' playgrond business, or just a part of the playground. Lower cost and higher benefit make this business ppular.  Among all the indoor amusement facilities,  the electric mini train is absolutely the best choice for people who invest this kind of business first time. Because the price of the mini train is not expensive, but very attractive to kids. And the electric mini train is easy operation and maintenance. The driver can solve most of problems according to the manual. Another important reason is that the train can take 18-24 passenges indoor. The investor ca get back the money in a short time.

      Our company is engaed in producing the electric mini train for years. What we did is not just making trains, but make everyone happy, both investor and passengers. So we have made many changes based on the original design of the electric mini train. For example, we make the weight of the trian lighter to increase the runnung time, of cuse, the safety is guaranteed.

       People who want to know more about the electric mini train, please feel free to contact our company.


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