electric mini train for indoor business

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     Mickrod electric mini train for both indoor and outdoor use. While most of clients will use it in the big shopping mall and indoor playground for kids and their families. 
    Actually many people want to operate a mini train business in a shopping mall. But they do not know how should this business can be managed. So Mickrod gives the following suggestions:
    1.This electric trackless train is easy for operatgion. Anyone can be the driver of this car. 
    2.We can install a box with lock beside the driver' seat. This box is for storing the ticket fee. Everyone who want s to take the mini train, they should buy the ticket from the driver first, then go to the coaches. The driver will put the money in the box. In this way, it is safe and convenient. 
    3.Usually, the route of the mini train in a shopping mall is a circle. So clients can build a mini train station a the beginning with some waiting seats. Then the tickets can be sold at the station. But of course,  a conductor should be rented. This will increase the operating cost. But for the mini station itself, it is attractive. 
    4.For some owners, if they have enugh budget for the buisiness, an automatic ticket machine will be a big help for the business. Pepole want to know more about the automatic machine, they can check it from Mickrod' previous article. 
    5.Finally, operators should know more about the maintenance of tje mini train. People who buy the mini train, from Mickrod, we will provide the detailed maintenance notive for them. This is very important for the mini train business. It will influnce the running time and clients' experience.


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