After-Sales Warranty and Maintenance

    1.The warranty period for each model of electric train is 36 months(complete train).
    2.During the warranty period, we will provide prompt technical support and replated parts once there is vehicle malfunction. After the warranty period, our company will continue to provide the technical support and parts, but they are rechargeable.
    3.The life of battery group is three years. If clients want to change the battery group, it is rechargeable.
    4.We will provide some necessary spare parts together with the train when delivery. These parts can guarantee that clients can solve some simple faults.
    5.The run-in period of new electric train is 15 days or 100 hours for running. Then the train should change the gear oil, maintain the front and rear wheels and fasten the screws. After the run-in period, the gear oil should be changed every three months regularly. Tires should be checked before driving.
    6.Check the braking system: leakage of oil and air pipes and abrasion of brake shoe.
    7.Check the loose phenomenon and abnormal sound of whole train.
    8.Charge the battery group everyday if possible, no matter how much electricity left. This will help to extend battery life.
    9.Please charge the train in ventilation and keep away from inflammable and explosive materials.
    10.Check the battery pole column every month and clean the rust and corrosion timely.
    11.Check the accumulator liquid every month.
    12.Check and guarantee the electrical components without water and dust.
    13.When starting or running, please step the pedal slowly in order to reduce damage to battery.
    14.Use the original parts as possible as you can, especially the charger.
    15.Clean the electric motor regularly regularly. This will help to radiate and extend the use life.
    16.Charge the battery timely. If the train does not use for a period, please charge the battery fully once a month to avoid battery capacity decline or damage.
    17.It is forbidden to disassemble or repair the battery, electric motor, charger and other electrical components privately. Please consult to manufacturer for buying original parts.
    18.Avoid to use under overload possibly.
    19.Avoid to clean the engine room with water.
    20.Avoid to use the train more than 40℃ or less than -10℃.
    To use and maintain the train in a correct way will extend the use life of train and increase the reliability and safety. The key points for electric train maintenance are battery and electric motor.

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